Tri-State Fertilizer Terminal LLC

Tri-State Fertilizer Terminal L.L.C. is a joint venture between Minn-Kota Ag Products and Farmers Union of the Southern Valley. Tri-State Fertilizer owns and operates a 30,000 ton state-of-the-art fertilizer storage and blending facility that was built in 2004. This facility is located in Fairmount, ND on the C.P. Rail System.

The facility is capable of unloading 800 ton per hour and receiving unit train quantities of fertilizer. The blending portion of the plant is capable of blending and loading out up to 400 tons per hour. In addition to the retail functions of the plant, Tri-State also rents space to several distributors of dry fertilizer products. These distributors use the Fairmount facility as a wholesale sales center in the Southern Red River Valley.

The Tri-State Fertilizer Terminal has helped solve the logistical problems in the dry fertilizer business by placing a terminal facility close to the market place.